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The Scotts company splits its activities into Consumer market and Professional market. The professional market is called Professional Business Group (PBG) and operated world wide. Headquarters and production facilities are in the Netherlands.
Scotts products are being sold in all market segments
In 1987 a new technical department was installed in order to develop products and markets outside the ornamental sector
Scotts has more than 10 years experience in oil palm fertilizer experiments and products
Characteristics of resin coated controlled release fertilizer. Moisture from the air or from the soil is penetrating the coating. The nutrients are going into solution, creating pressure inside the granule. Because of this pressure and the osmotic characteristics of moisture in the soil, the nutrients become available for the plant
Resin coating was invented by Sierra Chemical Company and sold as Osmocote
Poly-S coating was invented by Scotts and developed for the turf market.
Swhen the two companies merged, product mixtures became possible