You better start chopping right away, because that's the main part of Mee Goreng and a lot of other Chinese dishes. Chop onion, garlic, ginger and chili in very tiny pieces. Soak the mushrooms in water for 15 minutes and chop them! No, do not make them to small. Did you chop the vegetables already.? Of course you took leafy vegetables and you separated the leafs from the stems. Chop stems in pieces of about 2 cm, chop the rest of the leaves in strips. What kind of veggie's? Up to you, but Pak Choi and mustard and leeks are the best. In the meantime you prepared already some chicken bouillon with a couple of cubes. You prefer fresh chicken? No problem, but the Chinese do not waste their chicken just for making bouillon.* You can also use any other light bouillon or bouillon substitute. By the way, sometimes you have to wet the mee a couple of minutes before you fry it. You better do that now.
Ok, here we go.
Put your wok on the fire with a little bit of cooking oil (1) Take the ingredients 2 till 6 and put them in your wok in the right order, with about one minute between each ingredient. Also use the stems of the vegetable. What would be the right order you think? When the onions start to color, lower the fire. You lowered it already? Wrong, you have to play with it constantly. Chinese cooking is fast and hot. Do not simmer! It's not Christmas! Now you put some bouillon in the wok (about 1/2 table spoon per person) and a little bit of Soya sauce (1-2 table spoons) Now you take the mee (1 nest per person) and put it in your wok. Lower the fire and wait till the mee becomes soft and just a little bit brownish. Dry mee needs a lot of moisture, so if needed, add some bouillon. This takes you about 4-7 minutes. Now you take a raw egg and mix it into the mee. Some Chinese do the egg before the mee. Makes the mee less sticky. You can also mix the rest of the vegetables. Play with the fire, challenge your mee. See how long it can take a hot fire before burning. Ok, ready to serve. Add some fresh cucumber, a fried egg, keropok of course and serve with some chopped chili in Soya sauce. We call that "chili padi". Bon
appétit .

*   Chicken bouillon is used in all those cases where you have to ad moist during preparation. Never use water. You make a nice bouillon as follows:
1. chicken, or chicken and pork ribs (50/50)
2. chopped ginger
3. spring onions
4. white whine, rice wine or dry sherry.
Simmer 1, 2 and 3 for about 2 hours, clear it and add the wine during the last 10 minutes.
If you want to give it a bite, ad a little bit of nutmeg. (An old trick from my mother, who was an international nutmeg specialist. Nutmeg on Irish stew, French beans, Brussels sprouts)

Ingredients oil
6.dried Chinese mushrooms (brown)
8. soya sauce (the thick one)
11.salt and pepper