Chopping  time again. Chop onion, garlic, and ginger in very tiny pieces. You need a lot of it for this recipe. Cut the chicken as well. If needed you can take out the bones, but do this before you start cooking or do not do it at all. Anyhow, it is up to you, but I do not like it without bones  for this dish.
Marinate the chicken in a mixture of the two soya sauces and white wine. Ad half of your chopped onion, garlic and ginger. Marinate the chicken a couple of hours or as long as possible if you do not have to much time.
In the meantime you prepared already some chicken bouillon with a couple of cubes. You prefer fresh chicken? No problem, but the Chinese do not waste their chicken just for making bouillon. (Where did you read this before?) By the way, you will find a nice recipe for chicken bouillon on the previous page.
Ok, here we go.
Take the marinated chicken and fry it in oil till it is almost done, +/- 10 minutes.
(KEEP YOUR MARINADE!!) Take the chicken out of the oil and put it in the bouillon. Ad the marinade , the brown sugar, the rest of your chopped onion etc., salt and pepper and simmer the chicken as long as you want; half an hour is the minimum.
Serve with white rice and mixed fried vegetables, which will be the next recipe.
Bon appétit .

How do you cook your white rice? (the real one)

A while ago I did run a small restaurant in Malaysia.
I was cooking night and day, and my assistant was a French girl, called Cecile. She used to call me Maître. Makes you feel good, by the way.
Cecile was the best in making salads with……..French dressing, obviously. But cooking rice was a disaster. She did not even dare to talk about it and used to call it "the white magic stuff".
But it is so simple.
You need 1 teacup for 2 persons. If you have the desired quantity in your cooker, you add water till the level is about 2 fingers high above the rice. Start cooking fast and the moment the water is gone, you stir the rice and put it on a very low fire for at least half an hour. Actually, my mother used to put the rice pan in her bed in this second stage. Worthwhile trying, especially in wintertime. By the way, do not use salt.

Ingredients oil
6. brown sugar
7.soya sauce,( the thin one)
8.soya sauce (the thick one)
11.salt and pepper