Very easy dish to make. Very easy to screw up as well.
Lesson 1. You only fry the vegetables when the rest of your meal is ready and/or cooked.
This dish has to be fresh and crispy. What kind of vegetables ? Everything in principle, but go for a nice mixture. With nice I mean it should look nice in the first place. Do not cut your vegetables to small , 2-3 cm is ok for beans, green asparagus, celery stalks. Cut your carrots lengthwise. How to cut your leeks? Guess! As usual. Cut your cauliflower in small pieces, but do not cut up the heads. White cabbage, onions and garlic, do not cut them to small. If you use leafy vegetables ( do not use them to much, it looks messy) like mustard or pak choy  you cut up the stems in pieces of 2-3 cm and the leafy part in small strips. I told you before, chopping and cutting is very important in the Asian kitchen.
OK, here we go.
Make your wok very hot and put only very little oil in it.
Ad onion, garlic and chili. Now ad the carrots and the cauliflower. Let them simmer for about 3-5 minutes and turn them several times because burned carrots are yakky. Ad the greenbeans and the green asparagus and simmer for 2-3 minutes. You probably will use the cover on your wok from time to time.
But not to long, this is supposed to be a crispy mix, remember. Ad the rest of the vegetables. Keep the fire high and keep turning your vegetables. This is the critical stage . Now you ad plenty of oyster sauce. If needed, ad some moist with cornflower ( makes it a bit juicy) and some salt and pepper up to your taste. Ad some spring onion and cucumber  (cut lengthwise) in the last minute.
Serve immediately . Bon appétit .

(in order of use) oil
5.mixed vegetables
   green beans
   green asparagus
   pak choy
   white cabbage
6.oyster sauce
8.salt and pepper

1. Chicken fillet
2. Beef fillet
3. Pork
4. Tofu
5. Shrimps
6. Spring onion
7. Fish fillet (white)
8. Eggs
9. Mushrooms
10. Chinese cabbage
11. Iceberg lettuce
12. Cucumber
13. Soja and chilly saus
14. Chicken soup
15. Mee (noodles)

Steamboat originates from Mongolia. Although very popular in Asia, you should only eat it in cooler area's, up in the mountains like Cameron Highlands.
Cut the fish and the meat in thin slices. This goes best when you put them in the freezer for half an hour. Cut the vegetables in strips and the tofu in dices.
Prepare about 2 liter of clear chicken broth or bouillon. You can give it a more interesting taste by adding some fresh chilies and ginger.
Put the Mee in hot water for 5 minutes , take it out and wash with cold water.
Bring the chicken bouillon on the table (you might have one of those special fondue sets or hotplates) and keep it hot. Put all the ingredients on the table and let everybody make his own choice.
Usually you start by breaking 1 or 2 eggs into the soup, to give it some more body. Than you put the meat, fish etc. in the soup. Close the lit and wait till the soup cooks again. Use fondue forks or special steamboat sieves to take your meal out of the soup. Use the soja and chilly sauce to dip your fish and meat .The meal finishes with the Mee, cooked in the by then very tasty soup. Bon appétit