This recipe will learn you how to make sweet and sour. Sweet and sour what? Well, you know: chicken or fish or shrimps or pork or whatever. No red meat please.

The sauce. If you are an experienced sweet and sour cook, you can make the sauce while frying the fish or chicken or whatever. I advise however that you make your sauce first.
Chop all the ingredients. You know I do not like them chopped to little, so do me (and you) a favor.
OK. Put your oil in the wok, heat it and add the ingredients as usual. Play a little bit with the vinegar , the white wine and the sugar until you have the taste you like. After adding the bouillon and the pineapple pieces, you add some  corn flower dissolved in water until you find the sauce perfect. You know, I do not want to change your taste, I just want to add some experiences.

The fish or chicken or whatever.
Make small pieces, without bones and salt them. Beat up one or two eggs and mix it with the fish or whatever. Take the fish or whatever out and cover it with corn flower until it is dry. Yes, cornflower, no wheat flower. Makes it nice and crunchy.
Fry this in  oil.  (Without he cornflower you can also fry it )

Once fried, you put the fish or whatever in the sauce.
If you like it crispy, let it simmer for only 5 minutes. If you like it soft, let it simmer for 15 minutes. In the final stage you might add some tomato sauce and pepper, just for the taste.
Serve with white rice and a fresh salad.
Bon appétit !                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Ingredients for the sauce

(in order of use) oil
2.spring onion
4.fresh ginger
5.white wine
6.brown sugar
7.the light soya sauce
8. vinegar
9.chicken bouillon
11.corn flower


Ingredients for the fish or chicken (or whatever)

Fish or chicken or shrimps or pork.
No bones please.
I know shrimps taste very good when fried in the skin, but I do not like the mess when eating.
Add some salt before frying.