Boeuf Stroganoff is a very simple dish, but it takes some time to prepare. It is an original Russian dish and  I figure that in the past boeuf was not as tender as it can be today. On top of that, de longer the meal takes to prepare, the more vodka you can drink.
Cut the meat in small strips, but do not make them to small  (1-2 inch) and rub it in with a nice French mustard. Cut the garlic and the onion (again, not to small) and the bacon in small strips.
Fry this mixture in the wok till the onions are  starting to get brown. When ready, take the mixture  out and fry the meat, very short and very hot, for about 10 minutes. Stir it! You might have to add a little bit of oil or butter, whatever you prefer.
Now you add some vodka  and lower the fire. Also add some white wine or / and bouillon.
Let it simmer until the meat becomes tender. As a finishing touch you add some sour cream or yogurt and some lemon juice. Serve with white rice.
Bon appetite and Nasdrovje!
( You think I forgot something? This is a recipe from long time ago. In those days they did not even know bell peppers. And no cashew nuts either)

Ingredients for
Boeuf Stroganoff

1. Boeuf. Any kind.
2. Garlic
3. Onion
4. Bacon

5 French mustard
6. Salt and cayenne pepper
7. Lemon

8. Vodka
9. White wine/bouillon
10. Sour cream/yogurt

Do you want to eat raw fish? Yes , you should try it.
Kinilaw  is a typical starter for Filipino meals. It equals almost the Dutch herring in vinegar, but it is different.( I dare not see it's better, but………….)
Cut the fresh fish in dices. Cut the onion in very thin slices (do not chop), the ginger in small matches and the cucumber in small pieces. (You might add a little bit of garlic and tomato) You should have 1/3 of fish and 2/3 of vegetables. Mix vinegar with lemon, salt ,chili and a little bit of sugar. Mix the fish and vegetables in, they should be covered with the liquid. Marinate for one or two hours. Serve cold . Mmm

Ingredients for Kinilaw

1. Fresh fish (tuna)
2. Onions
3. Ginger
4. Cucumber
5. Lemon
6. Salt and a fresh chili
7. Vinegar + some sugar